Led Machines

Nue Wave LED System


Refresh your existing treatment menu by ‘adding-on’ LED and offer the latest in independent light therapy treatments.
skin for life Compliments IPL, peels and standard facial and body treatments.
Safe and effective for any skin type.
bullet Comfortable, non-invasive, no down time.
bullet Fast, convenient and adaptable.
bullet Treat in 10-20 minutes.
bullet Also compatible with other treatments as ‘add-on’.
bullet High profit return, no consumables.
bullet Hands free and rolls up to the treatment bed.
bullet Red, blue or a combination of light.

NASA scientists have shown that particular wavelengths of light have positive effects on the body’s ability to repair tissue.

Led Light Therapy will help:


Decrease fine lines and wrinkles.
skin for life Reduce facial flushing and redness.
Reduce non-genetic freckling.
bullet Reduce irregular skin pigmentation.
bullet Reduce pore size by 50%.
bullet Increase product penetration.
bullet Cause fading of brown spots and sun spots.
bullet Reduce mild acne scarring.
bullet Stimulates new collagen production.
bullet Improves irregular skin texture.
bullet 693 Bulbs.


LED add on to Nue Skin 100 or 500 Microdermabrasion machines:


$1200 + GST

Microdermabrasion Solutions:


Nue Skin 100 & 500
Light therapy

Blue and Red LED Machines:

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