Nue Fusion 200 and 600


Nue Fusion
200 Microcurrent face
600 Microcurrent face and body

Skin for life world leading technology gives you the tools to consistently achieve results on any skin, face and body. Unique precision engineering research provides the combination of micro and macro currents through skin for life’s exclusive alternating polarity system. Our incremental adjustable voltage selector delivers precise electrical current. Micro-current triggers a myofibril reaction that contracts muscles while enhancing production of natural collagen and elastin by increasing blood flow to elevate oxygen levels in the dermis and epidermis. The nue fusion 200 and 600 uses low level electrical current and advanced wave forms that work in synergy with the body’s own biological current. Nue fusion utilizes gradual power levels to effectively amplify the skins own rejuvenating abilities to strengthen the muscles and bring more definition to the face. 10 unique programs customized for your client to reach optimal youthfulness and vitality. Give yourself a point of difference and superior results by synergistically combining nue fusion with skin for life’s micro oxygen infusion system.




skin for life Fine lines and wrinkles
skin for life Expression aging
skin for life Lifts jowls, eyelids, double chins
skin for life Improves muscle tone in face +neck
skin for life Firms +tones the muscles in the face+body




skin for life Non-invasive
skin for life Increases ATP levels - fuels our cells ‘energy of life’
skin for life Increases collagen thickness in connective tissue 10%*
skin for life IIncreases blood circulation 35%*
skin for life Increases collagen elastin productivity 45%*
skin for life Nourishes +hydrates the appearance of the skin
skin for life Skin firming
skin for life ‘Interval workout programs for face +body’
skin for life Ongoing training, technical and marketing support maintenance:1-2 times per month



skin for life Gloves, electrode pads, 2 double ball wands
skin for life 2 bar wands



skin for life 10 programs, features variable output with an auto-select option



skin for life 16x14x7”/41x36x18cm
skin for life Matching white trolley with storage draw and cabinet available



nue fusion new zealand